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maurelle thumbnail
maurelle I'm in love with the cello and she just does it so well. Favorite track: Flowering Vines.
Marko Savolainen
Marko Savolainen thumbnail
Marko Savolainen Unwoman's best album? I don't know, haven't listened to all of them. But this is a great album nonetheless.
I like the the calmer and acoust-ish songs better, they just match her beautiful voice so well. Favorite track: I Could Have Killed the King.
The English Student
The English Student thumbnail
The English Student A powerful, apocalyptic, haunting and above all feminist album. I just think it's great. Favorite track: With All of My Intelligence.
Lisa Johnston
Lisa Johnston thumbnail
Lisa Johnston I love this entire album. I listen to it constantly, especially when I’m doin my house work.
Destructa thumbnail
Destructa This is a fantastic album, IMO Unwoman's magnum opus to date. One of those albums I want to play over and over. The writing, the singing, the playing all have so much substance. And she's one hell of a producer. If you've heard anything else from her that caught your ear, this is a can't-miss. Favorite track: Specimen.
Melanie thumbnail
Melanie I couldn't really pick a favorite track. I love the whole thing. Easily the best cd I've heard over the last year. Favorite track: Intertwined.
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Written between late 2012 - early 2014. Recipient of the 2015 Steampunk Chronicle Reader's Choice Award for Best Album of 2014 (and Best Solo Artist.)


released July 24, 2014

Unwoman is Erica Mulkey
All music written, performed, engineered, and produced by Unwoman.
Photography by Audrey Penven
Digitally mastered by Da5id Din at Corrosive Audio
This album was funded by listeners like you.




Unwoman San Francisco

Unwoman is a San Francisco-based cellist-singer-songwriter. Layered with skillful cello, rich vocals, and electronically arranged beats, her solo music is a futuristic homage to her classical training. Unwoman has been featured at steampunk, goth, and sci-fi-related events all over North America and has performed with Abney Park, Rasputina, Voltaire, Amanda Palmer, Stripmall Architecture... ... more

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Track Name: Flowering Vines
We take another turn
On piss-stained marble floors
Outside the world burns
The empire runs its course

Yet here we are safe
In long-abandoned halls
We only have to wait
Until the morning calls

But will dawn come?
Will we see it?
Has the Earth stopped turning
Or is the air just full of soot?

There are flowering vines
Winding their way around our hearts
If we stand still
Have we run out of time?
Time is the one thing we can’t make
But we can kill

Dancing our only revolution
Drinking our best solution

There is dust here and danger and fear of discovery
Trust among strangers protecting some mystery
If we are are the saviors please tell me what we’re saving
Lost in the labors of simply misbehaving

Yes we have killed the cops in our heads, but what’s next?
We're free or we're trapped, what does it matter if we're dead?

Flowering vines, winding their way around our hearts
We’ll run out out of time, if we continue to play our parts

Yes we have killed the cops in our heads, but what’s next?
We're perfectly free, but what have we left our children?
Track Name: Specimen

I am ripe, full, swollen
You examine my body where it has fallen
You have a habit to feed -- and this fruit
Seems like the sweetest poison

I am supine, passive, silent
I long to be used used in the way I was meant
Obscene fertility in casual beauty
My blood spilled, my seeds spread

This is the natural way
I exist for you to evaluate
Shat out or systematically bred
Or carefully preserved but dead

“My God!” I hear your voice, “such an unusual specimen”
I am gutted, taxidermy-stuffed, mended, gutted again

I am supine, passive, silent
I’ve earned my place among men of science
My likeness described by poets and painters
The jewel of your collection

Such an unusual specimen
Gutted, stuffed, mended and gutted again
To those of independent taste
The height of fashion -- perfection!
Track Name: Lullaby
I can hear your voice whenever I want to
But it’s not the same as when we were alone
That night in the second bed they bought you
Because you were the star and I was the girl backstage

And you would sing to me
The song that would have been a lullaby, a lullaby
Till fingers to my mouth
They reached in and pulled out such a sigh

I can see your face whenever I want to, on glossy paper
But once I really saw your eyes
Through the windows of the windows of your soul
Then all the oracles, they warned me not to prophesize

So I went on a simple quest
And there was no where I wanted yes
But it was such a joy to know I have known you

Better better better than they do

Yes once you sang to me
The song that would have been a lullaby, a lullaby
But when it’s at your fingertips
You don’t have to try
Track Name: Silence
I drive by your mother’s house
Though she’s asleep, and you are out
Two thousand, eight hundred and ninety eight miles away
To be precise

Just to smell that air again
To feel nostalgia mixed with pain
For the days when you were here
And I would come when you’d call

In a parallel world
I am a much more lovable girl
You’re reading me new pages from your great novel
You’re holding my hand as if you need it
But here, I only ever fell in love
So I could play the game of
Long-dead poets called genius
As only men and suicides can be called

So that when our bodies are
Dust specks in the beams of unnamed stars
The words I’ve assembled for you
Will still exist

I write songs for you but you don’t listen
Worse than judgment, silence means indifference
But someone will hear them
So they will live forever
Though you and I will never be young again

I keep driving
I keep writing
I am circling
I may never land
Track Name: I Could Have Killed the King
I Could've Killed the King

I awake in strong arms and soft sheets
I lay in bed with the king
I don’t know how I got here
My head on his left shoulder, he’s still asleep

When palace guards enter:
“I’m a lover now, not an assassin,” I say
They laugh, roll their eyes and walk away
As if I were never a threat
As if I couldn’t have done anything
As if I couldn’t have killed the king

I could’ve done something
I could’ve killed the king

My only hope was to seduce
Poison hidden in my tooth, and I immune
And I would play at helpless
And never confess
And I'd be rescued the damsel in distress

But our hope that this kingdom
Could’ve been all of ours seems a delusion
And to be a royal concubine may be my best option
He covers me with kisses, tells me what a lucky girl I am

To use my only power to destroy
Or to be power’s toy

If I stay and pretend to love him
Everything is tinged with disappointment
Whether or not love is ever real
I could’ve done something
I could've killed the king
Track Name: Intertwined
Last night we slept with our fingers intertwined
I’m in love in a city that will never be mine
All our moves are impetuous
But your spell was cast before we were us

In the moment I’m head-over-heels with this
And I promise I won’t mind missing it
And I could hurry back, or try to stay
Or I could trust nothing good ever gets away

We walk on a warm night down your block
Always with arms or eyes or lips locked
We are the worst at hello and goodbye
That heavy feeling -- tomorrow I fly

And how can we sentimentalize
The wind whips the tears out of our eyes
Track Name: The Sirens of Titan
The Sirens of Titan

It's not that you loved too much
It's that love alone is not enough
I didn't set out to break your heart
I wonder, why did I follow this far?

We ate and drank the very finest
Walked in gardens and sunned by the sea
Scaled walls, danced till covered with sweat
Found rapture in each other's bodies and yet
I can't wait to be far away
I can't wait to drop this façade
The joke that I would want to tend to yet another lost boy

Was I simply doing as I was told
Loving you because you were around
Once I was lured by the promise
Your eyes across the distance
Still photographs of statues

You cry of the sky falling
And the wolves at your heels
You beg for comfort I can't give
I myself am desperate to be loved
I can't wait to be held, but not like this

I asked you to tell me
When you said you were reading it
What you thought of the ending
But you never did
What's the point of even talking
If we never dive in deep
Why have I entered your orbit
If I cannot land safely
Track Name: Civilized
If only we could live on hunger
If only we could be sustained by being desired
It wouldn’t be such a tragedy
That you’re so goddamn civilized

You haven’t used those eyes on me in years
But I remember when you were wild

So I am making peace with the emptiness, the hollowness, oh
Because I refuse to fill it with lies

Do I wish for the young rogue back
I used to hope you would grow up
I always knew you sort-of loved me
But it would never be enough

All the threads pulling on my heart, leading nowhere
(Cut them) I don’t need their ties
All the torches my hands strain to carry
Drop them -- I don’t need their light
Track Name: With All of My Intelligence
I wasted so many years
Seeing myself as no more than a prize
Hoping someone could win me, lift me up
Until I decided to climb

Now it’s been lonely here
Feeling so superior
Thought I’d seen it all
No one would induce me to fall

"I choose to love this time for once
With all of my intelligence"

Those eyes, that smile, the signs
All flashing yes, yes, yes
Illuminate how much I was missing
When I was mired in indifference

Now this time, at least, my self-sabotage
Is excessive hope I might get what I want
If you return all the breaths you’ve stolen
It won’t be for nothing that my heart was broken
Track Name: In Pinks and Golds
My many admirers bring me flowers
But I spend my nights alone
They promise me diamond rings
I prefer to wear rhinestones

It’s your light on my face
Your carefully chosen hues
You know the stories behind my words
You know me far beyond my cues

But the loneliest place is on this pedestal
All these eyes upon me, and I just want you

Limn me in pinks and golds and reds
The colors of the flowers they send
Bathe me in the softest warmth
In this secret duet we perform

I don’t need any more roses or rings
But I need the stage like I air
I lament the distance
But you and I both need me here

Are you just a beacon, or are you home?
If you only asked me, I would go and come

All the wants and shoulds and maybes
Of my idiot heart are not what you want to hear
Can you bear it one more time
Illuminate the longing I feel
Track Name: Beauty Over Industry
We hear the beauty
Over the sounds of industry
All this technology
Can't supplant humanity

Abandoned factories our
Fallow fields what will we sow
They may have cities but
We have something they can’t control

We write past wrongs not to repent
That is what we want to prevent
We dream better worlds not to escape
This is what want to create

And there is no hope without hope

We write past wrongs not to repent
That is what we want to prevent
We dream better worlds not to escape
This is what want to create

We have we have the power
We have a responsibility
We are the ones who see the
Past and future brightly

This is the tomorrow they warned us about
But our eyes are open
A vast network of roots and we are growing

And there is no hope without hoping
Track Name: Long Long Shadows
I'm in the land of sunlight
And long, long shadows
And I am listening
To slow, sad echoes

Pay no attention to lover death
She has come to seduce you again
Let us distract you with sex and violence
They are your best friends

She comes to you with promise of sunsets
So sweetly she promises, but all she leaves are regrets
It won't be a wake but a tidal wave of grief
You don't think about that, you only want relief
Track Name: Bred for the Bounty
Bred for the Bounty

Am I making up a breakdown
For the art that is a symptom

Breeding problems like rats
For the bounty their tails fetch
Parading my damage
A perfectly cultivated wreck

And all the voices begging
“Let us have our beauty
Sing no more of tragedy
All your crises”

There is real danger in this
Because I can’t gain without risk

I am queen of such fertile ground
I can’t keep all the weeds out
There is no way to keep it safe but I will harvest anyway

And all the voices begging
“Let us have our beauty
Sing no more of tragedy
Or your crises”
And all the gods are saying
“We don’t require an offering
We just want you to sing
We’ve had enough of martyrdom
You can keep your head on
Now we need you to be strong”
Track Name: The Treacherous Sea
The Treacherous Sea

I can wash you off of me
But I still smell of the treacherous sea
Which threatens to transform me
Into a creature I don’t want to be

All wetness and slime, the color of a bruise
All darkness and regret, the things that sailors lose
The only one of my kind, alone on this island
My only contacts the desperate and violent

I still have this:
If I can speak, someone will listen
If I don’t lose my voice, I will find power again

I can cut you out from inside
But I could never regain my pride
It was sunk in a deep dark cavern
Only ancient reptiles can find

I don’t recognize myself in the mirror
But I am not lost, I am getting clearer
I ask powers beyond me and all that they say is
You have control. Use it. Keep it.
Track Name: Nightmares

All I wanted was to be
Heard over the crowd
But I did not recognize
My voice that loud

Wishes come true with lies

How can I rest when I must keep spinning
To stay upright
And is the best I can hope for
Nightmares to fill my mind?

I embody powerlessness: surprise, it saps my confidence
Putting hopeless faith in the divine in the mundane
Listen to everything at once -- you will know why I am going mad
Crossed by my imagination -- my future darkly envisioned

Now I am a cold and lonely queen
Ruler of all I see
Tired of my looking glass
I climb the highest tree
But I can’t take my eyes off the moon, still above me, distant
Maybe she can teach how to balance madness and strength
Track Name: Hunger
I could warn you of my hunger
Scare you further away
But all I want is to circle your feet
Listen, and obey

How can we meet as equals
When I am full of such destruction
And you have mastered stillness and peace
And claim no desire for disruption

Must I dress as a lamb to get close to you?
Will the creature I am ever know you?

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