Knowledge Scars

by Unwoman

(free) 04:50


This is Unwoman's first album. Most material was recorded in Unwoman's home studio, some was recorded at UC Santa Cruz.


released February 20, 2002

Produced and engineered by Erica Mulkey (Unwoman). Performed by Unwoman except synth on In Gilead and Freedom From Religion! by d.compose. Digitally mastered by Da5id Din at Corrosive Audio . Cover photo by Kat Mulkey, manipulated by Emma Simcock-Tooth.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Unwoman San Francisco

Unwoman is a San Francisco-based cellist-singer-songwriter. Layered with skillful cello, rich vocals, and electronically arranged beats, her solo music is a futuristic homage to her classical training. Unwoman has been featured at steampunk, goth, and sci-fi-related events all over North America and has performed with Abney Park, Rasputina, Voltaire, Amanda Palmer, Stripmall Architecture... ... more

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Track Name: In Gilead
(Nolite te bastardes carborundorum)

Will I buckle under?
Will I become just what they want me to be?

(Here in terror indentity crises are so petty)
How can we submit to this?
Separated in red

Our identities
Split three ways
(Will I submit)
You have reduced us to our fertility
(Or will I be martyred, uselessly?)

What of OUR sacrifice?

A womb
a cunt
a dried-out shell

Your ("His") future
Your present
Your obligation

How can we submit?

I want to be defiant.
I want to tell them off.

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum...
Will I believe that?
Will I believe that hope?

(Don't let the bastards grind you down.)
Track Name: Knowledge Scars
Such a lovely fall from grace
Such a pretty tearful face
Silence rules falsely empty hearts
In this fevered, cold embrace

Intuition's wrong, though dreams implore so strongly
Upon these wings of fire no other has desired so
Could my hope be killed within another sin, oh
I'd touch your soul again but pretense wears so thin, within

If only I could wait; if only I could have faith
In love -- in love -- like yesterday
Then along you come, so cool, emotionless
And I can only open my arms, close my eyes, and wait

Knowledge scars with twisted limbs
Always given, given in
Torn by vapid lust
Deny our broken trust.
Track Name: Freedom From Religion!
All we want is freedom from lies
Freedom to create our own lives
To be human, simply; to live without your fucked up morality

You can't legislate reverence
Our cultures are our own
There is no god for us
We can't believe what we know is false

Stop prostheletizing
We are all laughing at your blind faith
We have no fear of hell: life is for the living

Freedom from religion
This is what democracy sounds lik
Track Name: Dispossessed
Half a world away I waited, silent
You'd kept me hanging on while I knew I needed distance
You finally threw me down, no promise anymore
Our words of love, delusions fell apart, copulating on the floor

And summer came and destroyed any other words
Now I can never call that lust by any other name
And you could tell those lies only while spring's blossoms grew
So I left my door open wide for something new

Now I fly through summer's air solely dispossessed
I feel the wind between my legs where once your hand caressed
How could I have been so blind to your fallacies?
Now thanks to slowly severed bonds I've risen to my knees and summer --

Summer came, days grew long
Everything you told me was wrong
For you knew all along
What you'd do to me
And in the spring you said those words
You said them, how you cried them
You said those words -- FOREVER -- you said them but you lied them

How can I stand at the crossroads without doubt?
How can I move forward, trusting now, without desire?
How will autumn fall between, inside our jaded hearts?
How can I touch without igniting fatal fire?

And she said "Stop looking to the heavens for omens, for love:
The answer lies within and it's always 'NO'
No more lies, no more hope"

(Summer burnt our reason)
But you were so, so full of promise
Or was that just PROMISCUITY?
And summer fades.
Track Name: Lament for Peter Pan
Sweet unrest grows sour -- striving, excruciating
yet wanting so badly to atone...
"Go, then and scorn fidelity. Guilt will follow."

This tightrope I walk slices through my feet as the are clay
As if I were meant to fall into both sides of sorrows (so grave, so deep)
To be forced by guile and guilt which so manipulate
For I have paid in insincerity for my small mistakes

I fear the imminent gravity of aborted wishes
I have seen before through eyes like his
I know the pain separation gives
And he hasn't yet learned
Forever never means forever....anymore, anymore, anymore...did it ever?

This is for washing the sorrows away
From these feet like clay...

The rope now gives way, and I know where I stand
He's within, without, and so very over
Like a sweet, sweet dream into which I'll never step again, anymore...
(But there are other dreams, oh yes)

Days grow longer and enamored with the spring
Longer now I watch your face, blue in the silent dusk
But how long will hopes remain inside, entombed, beseeching us
And how long till your faraway eyes will reach for me
Will they ever reach again?
Do I hold no mystery? (anymore...)
And how can we romanticize
Once those burning eyes
Have wrapped around my flesh, so consuming my enigma
Is there nothing left?
anymore, anymore, anymore...

This remorse will never disappear
While he refuses to dry his tears
Our guilty hands never rinse clear
So we remain blind in fear -- and never love
Track Name: You
won that fight
The pain was mine
I sunk to martyrdom

So... you'll never see how you betrayed me
Soon there will be no more -- you'll no longer plague me
How could you think to take away my home
How could I have thought to sacrifice myself for you again?
Will we never speak again? Now it's a war of self-concern
And I have no more sympathy for you who so deserted me...

But you were once someone to hold on to
You were all I had to put my faith into
And throughout all of my blackest days
You were the one I thought I knew would stay (out of compassion)

And now the only thing that gives me pleasure is knowing
You betrayed him too, and oh what will he do to you, when he finds out
You fucked his enemy
You fucked his devil-counterpart, and he's such an angel, oh your violent angel
will he -- what will he do to you -- will he wish you luck in nonexistence too?
I love knowing, all of those nights you deserted me. you betrayed him, too, oh ...
And I know I fought for myself for once, and I love it.

And hope, oh you finally killed
Let him break the vessel I had filled
With trust, with perfect trust
And I thank you for forcing me to learn
To never hope, never more
Now, I say, you are nothing to me
I say you are nothing to me now

Then why, every time I close my eyes you're there
And I relive it all
The pain of loss, the fear
But I, I've already been there once, why every night again, again...
And the last dream that I had, we laughed together one last time
About our mutual hatred
Track Name: When I Touch Myself
Don't call me tonight
It would make it impossible

What I realized today is that in loving you I forgot to love myself
Then I was nothing, you lost interest
More importantly, I lost interest in myself

This is what has happened every time
I finally saw the error of obsessive altruism

So now I dance to remind myself that I still have a body
Even when I am alone
And that I don't think about you
When I touch myself
Track Name: Vacant Skies Revisited
Never more will I wish for vacant skies to pull me in
All my memories are nightmares
I'll sleep alone all of my life
For no one wants to touch me
When I expected you
To show me some sympathy
But no one who has ever hurt can feel for me
The child of a happy home and of the sea
When any minute I could be destroyed

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