When We Were Young

by Unwoman

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The first two lines came to me one evening in December, and I recorded them on my phone like I usually do with tiny song fragments at least once a night, and I actually followed through completely with this one.

It’s about being a music nerd in high school. The tempo (165) should be good for a Viennese Waltz though its form is more that of a pop song. Lyrics in comments....


When we were young
Every chord, every phrase was precious
We didn’t know when the next one would come
When we were young
Every kiss every touch was sacred
We didn’t know whom the next would be from

But we sang the night away
We sang right into the day
We sang all our hopes out though
We had nothing new to say
We thought we made it up
Believed we invented love
We tried to capture it in rhyme
Like every poet has done
When they were young

When we were young
We kept notes on each other’s potential
Anticipating such music to come
When we were young
There was nothing we couldn’t accomplish
Once all the promise of our song was sung

What are we learning
What is our place in the world
Will we be children forever
Singing forever


released January 29, 2021




Unwoman San Francisco

Unwoman is a San Francisco-based cellist-singer-songwriter. Layered with skillful cello, rich vocals, and electronically arranged beats, her solo music is a futuristic homage to her classical training. Unwoman has been featured at steampunk, goth, and sci-fi-related events all over North America and has performed with Abney Park, Rasputina, Voltaire, Amanda Palmer, Stripmall Architecture... ... more

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