Sometimes Radical

by Unwoman



This album consists entirely of songs, already released by me, of a political nature. It's free to download as a sampler, or there's a piece of merch attached if you prefer that. As far as I know I'm the only person who has had black flag lapel pins like this made.


released October 6, 2015




Unwoman San Francisco

Unwoman is a San Francisco-based cellist-singer-songwriter. Layered with skillful cello, rich vocals, and electronically arranged beats, her solo music is a futuristic homage to her classical training. Unwoman has been featured at steampunk, goth, and sci-fi-related events all over North America and has performed with Abney Park, Rasputina, Voltaire, Amanda Palmer, Stripmall Architecture... ... more

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Track Name: The Future, The Boot
We all worked in a factory
Where only Faustian bargains were made
When the circuses and bread ran out
Our subversive plans were laid
Now you ask us what did we do
For the revolution today?
We learned when life throws you sarin
To sing a sweet serenade

Suddenly everything depends upon us
We'll determine whether
Our future is a big boot
Stomping on a human face forever
And if we win will we win
Just the right to our new chosen leader
Or is there something bigger
To believe in to unite us under

It's inevitable these methods
Decide how our world goes
As falls the king so we know
As we seize the crown so we grow

You know entropy always wins
But what rises from the ruins?
Read these coded instructions
Sewn into your skirt hems

Love love and love again
They that hate you, love them
Love love and love again
They that hate you, love them
Track Name: Flowering Vines
We take another turn
On piss-stained marble floors
Outside the world burns
The empire runs its course

Yet here we are safe
In long-abandoned halls
We only have to wait
Until the morning calls

But will dawn come?
Will we see it?
Has the Earth stopped turning
Or is the air just full of soot?

There are flowering vines
Winding their way around our hearts
If we stand still
Have we run out of time?
Time is the one thing we can't make
But we can kill

Dancing our only revolution
Drinking our best solution

Yes we have killed the cops in our heads, but what's next?
We're free or we're trapped, what does it matter if we're dead?

There is dust here and danger and fear of discovery
Trust among strangers protecting some mystery
If we are are the saviors please tell me what we're saving
Lost in the labors of simply misbehaving

Flowering vines, winding their way around our hearts
We'll run out out of time, if we continue to play our parts

Yes we have killed the cops in our heads, but what's next?
We're perfectly free, but what have we left our children?

[This is, in part, my response to Hakim Bey's The Temporary Autonomous Zone.]
Track Name: Commodity (Too Many Stars)
Despite all my protests
Its simplicity
Calls me to its breast
The comfort of normality
What I want is to be a commodity
From here it's just too easy

Oh to be typical
Just as selfish as
To be pandered to like the middle class

'Cause there's too many stars
Not enough sky
Why should I even try?

At the end of the day
My eyes dry and red
It's a simple balm
To soothe my troubled head
Media somewhat true
I enjoy it because I'm told to

Placated and satisfied
By mass entertainment
They grovel for me as I won't do for them again

Living vicariously
Through celebrity
That is how we can be happy

Oh to be typical
Just as selfish as
To be pandered to like the middle class

'Cause there's too many stars
Not enough sky
There's so much beauty, too few eyes

What I want is to be a commodity
Only then I will be free

Placated and satisfied
By mass entertainment
They grovel for me as I won't do for them again

'Cause there's too many stars
Not enough sky
Why should I even try?

What I want is to be a commodity
Fron here it's just so easy
Track Name: Written In Red
Written in red their protest stands,
For the Gods of the World to see;
On the dooming wall their bodiless hands
have blazoned "Upharsin," and flaring brands
Illumine the message: "Seize the lands!
Open the prisons and make men free!"
Flame out the living words of the dead

Gods of the World! Their mouths are dumb!
Your guns have spoken and they are dust.
But the shrouded Living, whose hearts were numb,
have felt the beat of a wakening drum
Within them sounding -- the Dead men's tongue --
Calling: "Smite off the ancient rust!"
Have beheld "Resurrexit," the word of the Dead,

Bear it aloft, O roaring flame!
Skyward aloft, where all may see.
Slaves of the World! Our cause is the same;
One is the immemorial shame;
One is the struggle, and in One name --
Manhood -- we battle to set men free.
"Uncurse us the Land!" burn the words of the Dead,
Track Name: I Could Have Killed The King
I awake in strong arms and soft sheets
I lay in bed with the king
I don't know how I got here
My head on his left shoulder, he's still asleep

When palace guards enter:
"I'm a lover now, not an assassin," I say
They laugh, roll their eyes and walk away
As if I were never a threat
As if I couldn't have done anything
As if I couldn't have killed the king

I could've done something
I could've killed the king

My only hope was to seduce
Poison hidden in my tooth, and I immune
Then I would play at helpless, and never confess
And I'd be rescued the damsel in distress

But our hope that this kingdom
Could've been all of ours seems a delusion
And to be a royal concubine may be my best option
He covers me with kisses, tells me what a lucky girl I am

To use my only power to destroy
Or to be power's toy

If I stay and pretend to love him
Everything is tinged with disappointment
Whether or not love is ever real
I could've done something
I could've killed the king
Track Name: Always Radical
You alone shared my tears
As we watched such injustice unfold
I alone looked into your eyes
As rationale was retold

Most people argue
Pandering to the middle
You are always radical
When others would follow their rules
You would be nobody's fool

Focused so strongly
As we shared those afternoons
Could you, so tranquil, understand my longing
To be so much more than friend to you

Most people argue
Toeing the party line
You won't be so easily defined
When others say turn the other cheek
You will never risk appearing weak

I'll never say I disagree
But I had different priorities
I wanted to have someone beside me
Who wanted revolution as unblindly

And when I asked you
If I could give you just one kiss
I've never seen such indifference
While I would have changed myself for you
You would always remain true
Track Name: For The Killers
I am all raccoon eyes, I am peacock-colored flesh
I am supple parchment, my skin a palimpsest

In red filigree the madmen carve their illustrious names
And with clumsy blue marks in quick succession stake their claims

No no nobody can own me
This is my only authority
My my my body is mine to poison
It is my gift for the killers to cut open

I am drying eyes, I am fading green-yellow flesh
I am brittle parchment, a bleached palimpsest

Living each wound again as a first kiss
Clasping tightly memories of myriad fists

This sovereignty is all that's sacred to me
This is the key to kicking tyranny
Track Name: Beauty Over Industry
We hear beauty
Over the sounds of industry
All this technology
Can't supplant humanity

Abandoned factories our
Fallow fields what will we sow
They may have cities but
We have something they can't control

And there is no hope without hope

We write past wrongs not to repent
That is what we want to prevent
We dream better worlds not to escape
This is what want to create

We have we have the power
We have a responsibility
We are the ones who see the
Past and future brightly

This is the tomorrow they warned us about
But our eyes are open
A vast network of roots and
We are growing

There is no hope without hoping

[This was inspired by Parliament & Wake's essay "Why Steampunk (Still) Matters."]
Track Name: The Snowstorm
We tear love out by its roots
Replant it in a hundred distant gardens
"The love is dead, long live the love"
And we have no gods, no partners

The leaves grow pale and weak
The flowers bloom too soon

I let them fall all around me, falling for me
I blush unseen and see them falling remotely

We live the myth, self-sufficient, brave and confident
Mock-courage is our favorite currency
Demanding all the signifiers, calling happiness to us
But without tenderness all this power is meaningless

The roots had rotted
Before they could spread

I let them fall all around me, falling for me
I blush unseen and watch them falling remotely
In this snowstorm I don't know which arms I miss around me
With only words to tie us, intangible and tenuous

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